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Srimad BV Narayan Goswami defends Srila Prabhupad

Srimad BV Narayan Goswami defends Srila Prabhupad

Sri Guru Gauranga Jayatah


copy above link for transcription of unedited class

I offer countless humble obeisances to my Gurudevatma, om vishnupad Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaj, and to the Guru parampara and all Vaishnavas and Vaishnavis.

When I first use to listen to my Gurudeva speak, I could barely undestand him. His accent seemed very thick to me. As I became more familiar with his way of talking, I could then begin to understand, at least practically, what he is saying.

I remember when he used to say, "It remembers me"(instead of "It reminds me") I thought it was the most beautiful soothing balm any ears could relish!! I have transcribed this lecture which has been misrepresented. If you have any questions, write me! And Though his broken language is sweet, His intelligence defeats that of the greatest scholars. What I really like about this class, is that point about woman NOT being pap yonah, (having sinful birth and life). He is actually defending Srila Prabhupad by saying this. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Srila SRILA PRABHUPADA'S WORDS HAVE BEN EDITED SO MUCH BY UNSCRUPULOUS MEN. I have seen with my own eyes and compaired older versions of Bhagavad Gita with newer versions and was infuriated.
This video does not begin at the beginning of his class, and it has a few black spots.

In this beautiful lecture given by Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharajji, this verse
"mam hi partha vyapasritya ye 'pi syuh papa-yonayah
striyo vaisyas tatha sudras te 'pi yanti param gatim"

Word for Word:

mam--unto Me; hi--certainly; partha--O son of Prtha; vyapasritya--particularly taking shelter; ye--anyone; api--also; syuh--becomes; papa-yonayah--born of a lower family; striyah--women; vaisyah--mercantile people; tatha--also; sudrah--lower-class men; te api--even they; yanti--go; param--supreme; gatim--destination.

is nicely explained.

The editors of Srila Prabhupad's Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS made a mistake in printing the Verse 32 of chapter 9, translation.

They added a dash (-) where a comma should have been. So the verse with the mis-edit (or perhaps even a typo or misprint) looks like this:

O son of Prtha, those who take shelter in Me, though they be of lower birth--women, vaisyas [merchants], as well as sudras [workers]--can approach the supreme destination.

In actuallity the verse SHOULD look like this:

son of Prtha, those who take shelter in Me, though they be women, vaisyas [merchants], sudras [workers], as well as those of lower birth, can approach the supreme destination.

(note that English grammar is backwards )

A woman, A Vaisya (merchant class) and a Sudra (working class) Are not of sinful birth, paap yonah. Srila Prabhupad explains in his purport According to different modes of material nature, men are classified in he mode of goodness, (brahmanas), the mode of passion, (ksetriyas, or administrators), the mixed mode of passion and ignorance, (vaishas, or merchantile people) and the mode of ignorance (sudra or worker class) ........."THOSE LOWER THAN THEM ARE CALLED CHANDALAS, AND THEY ARE BORN IN SINFUL FAMILIES."

Who is of sinful birth?? this verse from Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 2 Ch. 4 text 18 explains who is PAAP YONAH, of low birth. "kirata-hunaandhra-pulinda-pulkasa
aabhir-sumbhaa yavanaah khasaadayah
ye 'nye ca paapaa yad-apaasrayaasrayaah
sudhyanti tasmai prabhavishnave"


Kirata, Huna, Andra, Pulinda, Pulkasa, Abhira, Sumbha, Yavana, members of Khasa races and even others addicted to sinful acts can be purified by taking shelter of the devotees of the Lord. due to His being the spreme power. I beg to offere my respectful obeisances unto Him."

Srila Prabhupad explains .."the above-mentioned historical names are different nations of the world."
He describes each one, then he says, "Even those who are constantly engaged in sinful acts are corrigible to the standard of perfect human beings, if they take shelter of the devotees of the Lord. Gurudev explains that those whose lives are full of sinful activities, who eat meat, drink whine, etc etc, are PAAP YONAH. I have transcribed the video so, so if you would like the transcription please tell me.

sincerely, an aspiring servant of the servants of Srila Gurudeva,

Suchandra dasi

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